It's been a long time, and somehow I don't have such romantic feelings anymore?

Well, this guy has started contacted me after a long time, let's say 9 years, we just lost contact for a long time, but in a good way we're friends but I liked him before a sort of in a romantic way. I get butterflies when we talked, and I got so eager reading his messages.

But years have passed we've moved on with our lives, and now that he's come back. He's still the same nothing really changed. But I know he's got a gf already but I'm not so sure. Then every time I post something on fb, he would always like it, then in one of my recent post lately he commented a good compliment, I wanted to send a message of thank you but I didn't bother anymore.

I feel like I don't want to start talking again because it just gets nowhere. My heart has just been so tired. I am trying not to have romantic feelings anymore, it's like well, I'm guarding my heart this time. But will it make him wonder that I don't usually respond anymore or send him a message? or should I act naturally just like before? like right now I don't care anymore but I don't hate him. My heart has been numb for a very long time.


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  • Just tell how thing are with you. Even if our oversharing info that may not be needed, at least you won't have any questions about whatever communications you do have.


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