I feel really insecure in my relationship.. what makes you stop feeling insecure?

So basically been dating a guy for over a month and I just feel really insecure. Like he doesn't really like me like he says he likes me.. even though all his actions say otherwise.

I also just got out of a two year realtionship before this recent guy and I'm worried that this new guy is a rebound and I only like him as much as I do because of that. I'm scared of taking the next step with this new guy because of that, and because I don't want to go though the whole bf/gf thing and have it all fall apart again.

How do I put aside all my insecurities and just go with it, and stop worrying.. ?


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  • I understand that you are still in the recovery stage after a breakup. But it's not fair at all to the new guy and also its kind of messed up that you think he doesn't like you. If he liked you, his actions would support it. How can you doubt his feelings for you even while he's trying to prove to you he likes you… I think you have to just tell this guy your feelings inside and how you are still recovering. But you need to trust this guy because if I was in his position, I would've walked away already because I hate wasting effort and emotions on a girl that doesn't give any back

  • If you dont really like him and dont see him yet as a boyfriend then why should he be all into you. Plus its earily on in your relationship just be casual and let things happen with time. Maybe he's a busy person and he wants to take things slow.

    • I do see him as becoming my boyfriend, it's just.. somehow I feel guilty that I've started liking this new guy so much so fast (we started dating two weeks after the day of the break up- and a day after the last time I talked with me ex to clear the air and make sure we were sticking to the beakup)... and worried that I like him more than he likes me.. he knows everything about my ex because before we started hanging out I told him about it all. He knew it happened the 2 weeks and day before we started really hanging out. What's a guy thinking when he goes into something like that?

    • I would be careful, cause who knows weather or not you will have lingering feelings for your ex. So he's right on taking things slow, i mean i would probably not even date a girl who just got off of a relationship.

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