After kiss?

do guys feel different about a girl after they kiss? how do they feel? do they fall deeper in love with them if they liked them a little before? what happens if they kiss when they're not official yet?


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  • Don't get it twisted, guys have the same underlying tone as girls, we are just able to hide it better (poker face).

    A kiss from a girl tells the guy the same things it tells you girls:

    If she's a good kisser...

    1. She's probably great in the sack.

    2. She turns me on crazy style.

    3. I wanna do it again as soon as possible.

    4. Could this be the beginning of a relationship (maybe?)

    If a guy kisses when their not "official", it really depends on the guy. Players (or Bad Boys) don't give a sh*t (generally). I mean they just out to bang as many girls as possible so they just lookin fo the next chic. A kiss to them is a prerequisite to sex. A Lover (not a fighter--generally a charmer, very charismatic) can kiss a girl and be effected to a fairly good degree. These are the types of guys that can get any girl (George Clooney type). So a kiss to them is analyzed and stored in the memory because you are not the only girl on their list. Don't be mad...if you're a phenominal kisser (i.e. his dick gets hard after you kiss him or he wants another kiss soon after), you will be bolted to the top of his list of girls as the number 1 turn on. The Nice Guy (shy guy) will kiss a girl and have the same feelings as a girl. If you're a girl, I need not explain this situation.

    Boys will be boys. However, once a kiss is planted (on any man), the landscape changes dramatically (regardless of if he likes her or not). He will make a decision and you will be able to tell by his actions.

  • 1. Yes they feel different. More spiritually-bonded, you could say

    2. We feel nice, it feels good!

    3. Love? I don't know what that is. It's ephemeral. It's like the wind. It has no substance.

    4. Official? What's that? I guess you're one of those people who needs to be validated by friends and peers. Oh well.

    • U didn't really answer my questions... but ok

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    • What he said did answer the questions...I don't understand what the problem is? He may just not have given you the answer you wanted, but it makes perfect sense to me.

    • Thanks. :)

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