Women I salute you. Aren't you glad that guys were dumb enough to accept certain roles in the dating game?

Women I salute you and I'm serious no sarcasm when I say this. You have the best roles in the dating game and guys were dumb enough to accept them. You effectively have got them to do the approaching, do the asking out, paying for everything, and even deciding when sex will happen that's even if it happens at all! lol. But the best part is that they brainwashed themselves into believing that they aren't "a man" if they don't pursue, ask out, pay for everything, etc. Even you women who will defend these guys actions deep down know that I'm right. So women celebrate and enjoy your advantage!

Women speak out!! tell the truth!!


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  • I think it's an unfair gender role too, so I always try to alleviate that burden. I always split the bill with my boyfriend. And trust me, I initiate sex plenty of times. But don't act like women somehow made this gender role happen. And it's unfair for both sides, really. Because of this "dating game," many men feel entitled to their women.

    • And women feel entitled too.

    • Okay, so what are you asking then? Or did you just want to rant?

    • I asked it. I was just wondering did women enjoy their advantage in the dating game. That's a legit question not a rant. Men have advantage when it comes to physical strength for example so what's so wrong about acknowledging women's clear advantage over men in the dating game?

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  • Uh oh. Bitter man alert...

    Was there a question here?

    • Sounds about right

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    • Ha! You're hilarious. Best of luck dude. Biased ranting posing as a question. That is what it is. A leading "question" meant to elicit a predetermined response. Yes, it is that. A question based on the desire and curiosity for dialogue and discussion. No, it is not.

      Again, best of luck. If this is your communication style, you're going to need it.

    • kick rocks

  • from what I understood, many men enjoyed pursuing their lady of choice... that it makes them feel dominant, emphatic and other manly things.

    stop looking at it like a battle of "who attained the better role." men and women are expected to behave differently in the whole dating scene, yes, but women have a lot of pressures on them too. just stop thinking about it being hard or unfair and have fun with it instead :-)

    • Now even though anyone with a brain knows that all guys don't enjoy chasing , its assumed that all guys do or want to chase and that's dumb and misleading. Pursuing isn't a biological trait , its something that both genders can do.

    • I don't know what country you live in but it must be very traditional for this to be such an issue for you. there are plenty of girls out there who like to pursue guys too, but it is more common the other way around. that's just how it is, but nobody have ever said ALL guys should woo the ladies who just sit on their butts and have their pick among the suitors.

      really though, you ought to lighten up a bit, because if you're experiencing a lack of success in this area it might also be because you're trying too hard/not being natural/acting insecure and most girls will be turned off by that (sorry but that's just how it is, I imagine the same is true for guys with insecure girls)

    • No some guys aren't cut out for that and there's nothing wrong with that. There is no scientifically proven step by step method for approaching or pursuing you either got it or you don't which sucks for guys because they are EXPECTED to do this. If there was a step by step scientifically proven method to become a pro sports player, a actor, more people would be those things but its no method. You either have it or you don't that's life.

  • I always go half on date bill. An have pursued two guys I liked in past. Prefer guys chasing me though.


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  • GaG should have an angry, sex-starved man category so all of these stupid "questions" can be easily funneled into oblivion. I've only been a member here for two weeks, but it's already making me want to stop visiting the website.

    • NO ONE made you even click on the question in the 1st place. You could've passed it up and moved on to the next one.