Haven't been with ex over a year, dated other people, and realized I'm not over him. What do you do?

Well a little over a year ago I had an ex that meant the world to me. We never fought or argued and the relationship honestly had nothing bad about it other than he was a few months younger than me. We broke up right after he said he loved me, and he said it in person and on his own. I said it back right away, and he also said it while hugging me and looking at me in the eyes. He wasn't the romantic type or the dating type, and we spent a lot of time together. He also for Valentine's after dating 2 months gave me a necklace of my birthstone thinking I'd like it cause I always at the time wore my birthstone as rings and it was about $60. His idea of breaking up at the time was saying "We aren't going to talk for 3 days" (it was a game and he never did it to me before) and so I just said "ya know if you don't want to be with me you can just say so" and so he blocked me on Facebook and ignored me at work. Then after awhile he started talking to me again at work and then got fired.
After we broke up, about 6 months later I started dating someone and we lasted for over a year. I broke up with him because in June I saw the first ex I mentioned and we made eye contact while I was at work for awhile. I just couldn't get over it and so I broke up with my newest-ex because of that, and the fact I was cheated on, and that I fell out of love with him. Do you think it'd be a bad idea to add him on Facebook? I don't know if he'd add me back but he's had me unblocked for a few months now.

I think I typed too much


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  • Talk to him, try to get back with him.


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