How do you become more than friends with someone or figure out that they like you more than just a friend?

I became good friends with this guy in my class. He was just dumped by his girlfriend a year ago, and I think he still has feelings for her.
The same happen to me recently where I was dumped by my boyfriend... and I still have a little feelings for him as well.

Now that we are both single, I'm starting to have feelings for my friend. And we quite often hang out, get lunch and text. And he mostly initiates these things.

I'm not sure if he still sees me just as a good friend, or if he is also starting to have feelings for me as well.

Since I did just go through a break up two months ago, I'm not sure if I should start something new with my friend or just keep being friends with him and let my feelings for him pass



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  • Ask him. Go for it. Otherwise you might regret it.


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  • Well to me you need to make sure you are over your ex fully before going on to the next guy. Otherwise it'll be like a rebound pretty much.

    If you do have feelings for him, you could be super flirty and see how he reacts?
    Or you could always wait it out and just see what happens.

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