Should/how I tell my roommate I have really fallen for them?

I moved into a house with two girls about a month ago and straight away started to develop feelings for them. I tried to push them aside and ignore them as I knew that the worst person for me to fall for was someone I was sharing a house of only three. However I could not do this and my feelings have only further increased to the point where I just want to be with her as much as possible. Should I tell them I like them, and if so how? Please help!

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  • This is the reason I'd never agree to room with a beautiful woman in the first place... unless I were married to her that is. =)

    I don't know dude. I'm normally about being open with my feelings, but in this case, you have a high opportunity cost to deal with. You need to determine if the risk of making things awkward and having to move out is worth the possibility of getting this woman.

    If you did ask her and she turned you down cause she didn't feel the same, I think that would be your best-case scenario because your feelings would go away and you could move on knowing you already gave it a shot.

    If she said she was interested in you too, things would go great as long as you lived happily ever after, but you'd almost definitely have to move into a new place if things went bad. Not just because things would be awkward between you two, but because no other woman in her right mind would consider dating you knowing you still live with your ex.

    Determine carefully how much you care about where you live, and how much you care about a chance with this woman. Good luck!


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  • Just tell her. There's really nothing to be afraid of. It's not like (if she rejects you) she's going to laugh at you or anything. Not saying anything to her is worse than having tried and getting rejected.


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  • lool... i see trouble in the making. Have you watched the show New Girl? You should. Because believe me, the chances of this going VERY badly are very high. You may not even like her for real, you are just a guy in close proximity as a girl who is constantly there... it would be strange if some feelings didn't develop. Just ignore them.

    • Right on! Great advise.

    • Yeah anon don't drop a nuke :P

    • @Asker use now to do some background work on both of them, so if the day should come when you move out, you can come back and pork one or both of them lol

  • I voted B she's your roommate, you need to forget about these feelings and find another girl, when a guy is roommates with a girl you're not allowed to develop feelings for her. Just think of her as one of your bro friends treat her like a guy.

  • You're lucky, man XD. Do they like you back? Have you had sex with any of them?

    • Hahaha, yeah not yet. Think that would have made things a bit clearer for me if I'd slept with her yet.

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    • Ok fair advice, I may try that. Thanks

    • Lol. The question game thing actually got me 9 phone numbers last week XD. And I've already been on a few dates as a result.