How do I flirt to see her interest?

there is this girl im interested in and i want to know if she just wants a fwb/hook up thing or a actual relationship. im okay with both. but i want to see what she is interested in with out being so blatant. is flirting a good way to see? how would i come about doing that? if flirting isn't the right way then what should i do?


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  • Honestly you can go that route and flirt to see how far you can get... initiate flirtatious jokes then eventually slowly start making physical contact and so forth!!!

    But... here is the thing! If you like her and can see her on good terms (serious relationship) why do the "above" ? It may backfire on you and she might fall under the impression your a "dawg" and she might loose respect for you or take you as a joke!!! I think that just being you and dating her without trying to throw "bait" into the water to see what fish ( Serious relationship / fling ) you catch! If she moves fast on things she is just testing your waters to mess around if not then she wants formality!


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