Is she still interested in me? Should I ask her out again?

Met a girl who was my friends friend at dinner. After dinner and when I got home, she texted me a long text, saying how it was great meeting me and hopefully that she can see me soon again. I decided to ask her if she wanted to teach me some school work and she agreed. She said she was excited. Met up and everything was cool. She clearly dressed up, laughed at everything I said, and asked me questions. We went to dinner after the lesson. She also was the one that suggested to go on another date. I asked her out this weekend but she was busy for midterms. After her midterms, I asked her out to meet up today and she agreed, but today in the morning she texted me saying that she probably can't make it and said that we should meet up next week... I texted her back saying "Oh, its fine. You seem to be very busy, i don't want to bother you, if I am tell me". After half a day she texted me back a very long text. Summarized down, it basically said that she's actually really sorry, and explained to me in detail why she's really busy and then further explained to me in detail why she was busy on the day of the date and why she had to cancel.
Is she still interested in me? Should I ask her out for next week?


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  • She sounds like this Busy beaver that doesn't want Nor Commit to any future plans of any sort until she is definitely certain "On that day" she is available and can just run out of the house, on a whim and a prayer And----Hopefully that she can seee me soon again. And with Cancelling out, last minute and all, Then Extending you this "Very long text" on her end, to Sum it all up on "My end," she likes you, you're great, but because of her hectic 24/7 schedule, which is taking a lot of her time and life up, she would be "Cancelling" a lot more of these get togethers, so she is being Polite by giving you a Heads Up that you shouldn't Expect her anytime too soon to be Raring and Ready to go out.
    Text her back, for I can read between the lines, that if she can find time in her busy schedule to pencil you in when she might want to meet up, maybe grab a quick bite and do something Else-----Let you know ahead of time so you can check your calender.
    Guys and girls of her nature with no nonsense "On the go" gumption, are not the kind to even consider being two birds of a feather with. They usually don't have time for one, Don't care to have one and in the end, just trying to get a Date out of them, is like pulling hen's teeth.
    Good luck. xx


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  • She is interested, just busy. You should ask her when she isn't busy cause you'd love to see her.

  • Yes she is interested, its just that she had exams - she even said sorry so thats good!


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