Friend talking to a guy who's taken?

My friend is in a odd situation and I'm trying make sense of all this. So she met this guy who is 32 and has a girlfriend of 8 years, they also live together. She is 23 (if age even matters at this point) and they have been talking for a while. He confessed that he is madly in love with her and it questioning his current relationship.

They literally talk all day every day. Do you think this is wrong for them to do this? I believe it's considered cheating. His girlfriend is completely oblivious to the whole situation. Her bestfriend and I try to talk sense into here, but she insists that they're just friends, but there's so much more.

I want to save her from the heart break but I don't know what to.


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  • I've been sitting on this one for two days, and I'm not sure what to suggest that you haven't already done.

    What I WOULD say is confront the cheater, confront your friend, and let them know how utterly WRONG what they're going and doing is. Completely and utterly. If they want to be in that relationship, the guy should break up with his current girlfriend... though admittedly, I've always thought such a move was pretty scumbag-esque, though cheating on one's girlfriend certainly is.

    And if your friend and him don't stop, then I would tell the guy to tell his girlfriend. And if he doesn't... well, I'm not sure if I would definitively confront her with evidence of his cheating or not. It's a messy, complicated, stupid situation :\

    Like I said, though, it sounds like you've basically done all of that. I'm sorry I can't help you out more :(

    • I really appreciate the help. She has come to be multiple times talking about it and she feels EXTREMELY guilty at about. But the dumb thing is that she keeps talking to him, ALL the time. I'm trying to get her to understand that the heartbeark she's going to endure just isn't worth it.

      Like you said, I've pretty much said all I can. but she just isn't listening. She says they are just friends and the conversations aren't any deeper than that. But he has said some really crazy things to her, as if he doesn't even have a girlfriend. I just don't get it.

      She told me that she is starting to get feelings for him and she doesn't want too. Yet she talks to him all day every day. It makes me mad because she is such a nice person and apparently she just thought he'd be a nice friend and all that blah blah. I told her that this won't end weill for either of them, but they are just too dumb and blind-sided to see it.

      Anyways, I really appreciate your advice.

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