What kind of text I should send after awkward sex?

Okay I met up with this guy on okcupid just to have sex (don't judge me I know what i'm doing) I played off like we was just going to watch a movie. Problem was the guy didn't bring a condom (who the hell does that) and the night ended with me giving him a bj and 15 mins of awkward silence on the bed. I'm pretty into the guy he was a good kisser and I take the opportunity to bang him if he brings a condom next time, I just don't know what kind of text to send him to get his stand on this situation. It been about a day since we had sex any help will be appreciated.


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  • "hey thanks for a great night, if you would like to hang out again i suggest you bring your dick and a condom"

    • That was so funny and good I just sent the text, lol. I'm just a little worried about what he going to think, but I live through it. Lol

    • If he doesn't think your awesome for just being forward and knowing what you want then he's missing out! good luck, let me know how it goes xx

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  • Play it safe or get out? Or if in the moment find alternate ways to get it done without intercourse

    Like I'm sure there are many ways you can think of

  • Bring a condom next time.


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