Does this girl consider me as her boyfriend?

I'm a junior who has been crushing on my older sister's (senior) best friend (a junior) for 3 years. I finally asked her out this summer but we ended up like best friends. After that we sit together everywhere, kind of cuddle together but NEVER hold hands. My sister is the only one who knows about my crush and loves the idea of us being together. But my sister doesn't help us either because my crush wouldn't like her to expose her feelings even if she liked me. Her blog status is 'in a relationship' but when I asked her about it, she was silent for a moment and said she wasn't sure. I was hoping it was me but I was also afraid I was just a creepy stalker who checked out her blog. Then I was invited to a 'popular' party for being the school clown& a popular senior's (my sister) brother. But I was to depressed to go because my crush had a senior to go with. Oh the drama sh*t-
So I claimed to be on a dude-period and decided to stay at the school field until my sister came to pick me up. But this is when I got really confused. My crush ditched the party and said she would stay with me on the field right in front of her date. Of course I was- FUC* YEAH!!! but I pretended I was cool with it and talked with her for hours and it was so fun just listening to her stories. We somehow kissed because of the mood (FU*K YEAH) but it wasn't awkward afterwards like it was a natural thing for us. That happened two days ago and I don't really feel the difference except for me drooling over her. My sister told me her 'date' was 'no way her boyfriend' and that they were 'partners' not 'dates'. Her relationship status never changed but it's so mixed up... I don't know and I feel to cheesy to ask her myself.

If you read this, thanks for reading this long whiny question;)

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  • Probably B or D... I chose D because I think she's trying to decide if your serious or not. But I think she really does like you.


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