Did she want to cheat on her boyfriend with me?

I like this girl I know with a boyfriend. We flirt and stuff and we've hung out just the 2 of us. She never really mentions him apart from one time which was like a complaint.

When we hung out I was getting the impression she liked me back. We were always laughing and the way she looked at me was the same way other girls who have like me looked at me as well (soft eyes and a big smile).

When we were going our separate ways She went to shake my hand then pulled me in for a hug. She hugged me really tightly. I wanted to kiss her but she has a boyfriend so I held back.

Now She barely talks to me and it actually hurts my feelings. Should I just leave it?


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  • just leave it dude she's weird


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  • I doubt she is serious about you somehow...
    Since she has a boyfriend, I feel it is best that you let her go

  • Leave it.. If you kiss her, bad move... She's in a relationship!! She has a boyfriend.. She's doing the wrong thing here! And you can't support her doing the wrong thing.. Instead encourage her on her relationship..


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