What would you do in this situation?

Met this girl a week or so ago, she's in one of my classes. We chatted a fair bit, a bit of eye contact etc, lots of smiling etc. Add her on Facebook and send her a message, saying if she wanted to do something? She said we should totally go grab some coffee at this cafe sometime. So I send her a message and say how about next week, and give her my number and ask for hers.

But she hasn't replied, and I know she's gotten my message, and also I've found out that she's blocked me on msn (one of my friends told me she was online)

So what should I do? I probably shouldn't ask her again should I? Should I confront her about it? Or should I pretend like it really doesn't bother me, (and as if I have no idea of what's happened), and act like I did before I sent the message? I guess the thing is she's in two of my classes and so she knows I'm going to see her quite a lot this week... so why didn't she just send me back a message saying "i don't think that's a good idea" or "I'm kind of seeing someone atm", rather than nothing at all?

Any ideas as to what I should do?


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  • Ok a couple things~ first of all she may have just suggested getting coffee to be nice. Or she may actually want to get coffee, but considering she JUST met you a week ago, next week might be a little soon for her. I would maybe wait to talk to her a few more times in class or something.

    And finally, when did you send her this message? I only go on Facebook 2 or 3 times a week, so if she's not on every day, it's possible that she really hasn't gotten your message yet, if you just sent it yesterday or something.

    I would not contact her online again for the time being; instead, maybe try to chat with her after class (without bringing up the coffee date, and without asking why she blocked you or something - just pretend nothing happened). Pay attention to her body language and stuff - does she seem genuinely into you and eager to talk to you, or is she just being polite? Does she keep glancing away, or kind of try to keep her distance and politely end the conversation? Clues like this will give you a better idea as to what her deal is.


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  • She apparently lacks good character, however, this is fairly common. Many people prefer to avoid all forms of confrontation, preferrring instead to simply hide. Pitiful but true. In my opinion, you're better off without her. In the future, when you find someone you'd like to pursue, simply give her your phone number, and don't ask for hers in return. This allows her to make the next move, if she's so inclined. This will avoid unecessary unpleasantness.

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