Should I text or call him or wait until he does?

So I like this guy but I'm starting to give up. He is 29 and I'm 23. We have been on 3 dates and known each other for 3 weeks. The first two dates were perfect and the third date I thought he just wanted sex but he keeps calling me so I was wrong. This week he has been the one initiating the calls and texts. We keep in contact every day. But we don't talk that long when he does call or text. Yesterday I decided to text him but he text me like 4 hours later and then I decided to call him but he didn't answer but he called me back like 10 min later. But I was with my 2 best friends so we talked for a few min and he said well I'll let you go. Did he just do that because I was with my friends? I want him to be the one chasing me. Should I text or call him or just wait til he does?Is he losing interest in me?


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  • You two are clearly interested in each other but are playing games, you more than him. He seems to be making more of an effort and it seems you are not reciprocating. Would you have expected a full length conversation with him if he was out with his friends..yeah probably not. Yes sounds like he will shortly be losing interest in you if you don't start making much of an effort..but be sure he is the one you want to date!

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