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I met a guy through a mutual friend. He was initially into her (for relationship or just sex, I don't know) but she wasn't into him (but they kissed before we met and I don't know if they had sex). She introduced me to him and a few weeks later he added me on Facebook. We had a weird "date" (picked me up after asking me if he needed to pick me up, went to see a movie, and straight after the movie he dropped me off, it was on a weeknight though) but I'm not even sure it was a date. I haven't heard from him for a week and a half after the "date" and then he started talking on facebook. We don't text often or talk even daily.
Last time we talked, he called me "tiger" and we had a laugh chatting, then he started about kissing other girls (he was about to go to a party and he needed to brush his teeth, and I just said: "for all the pretty girls there :D" and he: "yeah, in case there should be some kissing").

I don't really know what to think about it?

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  • He doesn't sound interested, or if he is he either doesn't want to be exclusive, or wants you to be jealous. Bother of those are mind games that no one would play with someone they are actually interested in

    • Thanks for your comment! Any advice on how to "handle" this guy and let him know that I'm not that type of girl that allows guys to play her?

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    • Or maybe he just isn't interested in you romantically, as tough as that is to accept. He may be a good guy and just not be interested. Sorry :/

    • That's true, sometimes that spark just isn't there and I must say I don't feel it but I just thought I'd give it a shot :) oh well, time saved!

  • i think he just wanna have fun
    not for serious stuff


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