Texting and dating protocol with this cute girl?

We've gone on two dates and she seems interested. She always arrives 10 minutes late and I know she stays late at work. We text back and forth and she usually takes an hour.

Every time we've gone out, she has faced her legs near me, rubbbed them against mine (after few drinks), plays with her earring, flips her hair, pushes my shoulder or arm. When I go over to give her a high five she slowly touches my hand (to touch it longer rather than to slap). I walked her home and kiss her goodnight (her lips are tense).

I invited her out to my birthday, she said she was going to try to make it, but couldn't (she had previous plans and I told her about it the night before).

I'm used to relationships where when you get going, you usually see each other all the time and constantly in contact. Not the case here, we text casually back and forth and she is usually delayed. So I am wondering how I should handle it? How should I set up dates? I am trying to see her once every few days rather than 1 a week.

Does suggesting to get coffee sometime a good idea? Or just keep everything to a date? We won't be able to do anything this weekend (both headed out of town).



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  • Just start arranging dates more often. Getting coffee does sound like a good idea, or if she doesn't mind it you guys can just stay in and watch movies.
    I think to start seeing her more often you just have to move past the dates and get to more casual hanging out.

    She sounds like she's a busy girl though, since she takes longer to reply and usually works late. But yea, if she likes you (seems like she obviously does) she will definitely find the time to see you more often.
    You never know, she could be wanting to see you more than once a week to, but just doesn't want to ask in case she seems pushy or something.

    I know it shouldn't just be down to the guy to do all the chasing, but if you want to see her more often, just arrange it and make it happen.

    • Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but I don't want to screw it up. She's very nice and I like her personality, and she happens to be super cute. I'm a "Hey I want you to know I like you and want to spend more time with you" kind of guy. But that can be too much sometimes.

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    • Text in the morning? Call in the evening?

    • Maybe text in the morning then, and try to arrange something for this week.

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  • She's touchy with you so I think she likes you... maybe say like on Wednesday you should come over and watch movies maybe have dinner at your house... Drop by her work with coffee or something if she's working late

    • This week is bad to come over to my house, but I do like that idea. I would like to invite her over sometime. We live 3 blocks from each other so we're very close to each other. But we work 50 miles apart (I have to travel). I'll be up in the area on Tuesday, so I thought about seeing if she wanted to get coffee or something quick

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    • Lol well depends if she is into football.. I would ask... My response would be hell yea

    • I was thinking about today, but that would be my 1 text to her... maybe some other time next week?

  • sounds like she doesn't have a lot of spare time to see you. i mean the most you can really do is try and make plans in advance so she can't cancel or can't make it because of her other plans. just plan it out ahead of time. This will probably work better in the long run. And suggesting coffee is a good idea gives you two a chance to see each other even if its just for a quick chat its still nice.

    • Thanks! What about texting her? So last night she went out with friends. I said I was going somewhere else. Before she couldn't make my birthday but said she'd take me out for brunch (today). I texted her last night if she was up for it still, she said she was as long as it wasn't too early... This morning I texted hoping her night went well.. no response yet. Should I text her again today?

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    • Ok, cool thanks.. maybe she was waiting on me to set up brunch plans?

    • maybe could be your welcome good luck

  • Suggesting to get coffee sometime is a good idea indeed. Keep it simple ;) And be quick to make some plans but go easy.

    • She missed my birthday bash but said she'd take me out to brunch. She went out last night and I texted her that I was down to go to brunch. She said not too early... anyways, I texted her this morning that hope she had a good time. No response. When should I text her again?

    • wait till she texts you back, if she doesn't text her tomorrow maybe. But keep in mind that when a guy is impatient and texts every second is just annoying.. especially for a busy girl. But i think if she likes you back she'll definitely respond and take you out for that brunch.

    • brunch won't work out today so maybe another weekend? (can't be next weekend, we're both out of town)

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  • I'm the same sort of age as you, and generally speaking girls our age have jobs, social lives and extracurricular activities that means they probably won't be free every night. Even with girls who were really into me (makeouts and sex) I rarely saw more than once a week.

    Ask her what her schedule is, and set stuff up in advance. Ask her what days she might be free to grab a coffee or something at lunch or after work without it being a full on date if you like. You can try asking this stuff near or at the end of the current date so you have time to think of something to do and when you next text her, you can suggest it and get it confirmed.

    I'm frustrated by it too, when I start really like a girl, a week seems like an eternity, but it something I've learned to live with. Mostly.

    • Should I contact her tonight or wait until tomorrow? Yeah, we've had 2 dates in the last week. I have been with some busy girls (really busy girls) and we always saw each other... My last relationship was that way, we always saw each other when we were first going on.

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    • That's good. Go at her pace, don't let the eager feeling overtake you, it's only been two dates.

    • I know... most of the time I don't care with a girl, but I like her... I want something to develop here

  • Bro please don't tell me you give her high fives. Are you trying to make it to the friendzone when you're already in a relationship? Try not to make a lot of suggestions too. In a somewhat polite way say lets go out on said date.

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