Awkward situation. Please share your opinions?

I was dating this guy for two weeks and I know he was very interested in me at the beginning. Later, things started to complicate (my trust issues and his non-willingnes to assure me about him being trustworthy) and he stopped to call, he even didn´t respond my text.

My coworker is his friend (he introduced us, because this guy was talking so much about me) and he keeps visiting him at work sometimes. We greet, I say hello and he winks at me (don´t understand why is he acting flirtatiously, when we are done).

The worst thing is that my coworker who is his friend is acting in a very weird way around me (avoiding eye contact, not talking to me)..

What can this whole mean?


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  • That guy did not found you that interesting but not that co-worker is interested in you.

    • why do you think so? if he would find me interesting, he wouldn´t introduce me to his friend

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    • he even didn´t help me when i asked him to, on purpose. i was agry for whole day with him

    • He he must have enjoyed your anger , its fact girls look more beautiful in anger.

What Girls Said 1

  • Your co-worker probably likes you

    • how come? he introduced me to his friend and he sometimes shares with me which girls he likes. he is not shy at all, so therefore it sounds strange to me

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    • OMG IT'S SO OBVIOUS HE LIKES YOU! A guy doesn't call a girl perfect unless he's into her.

    • he gives compliments to many girls ;) not only me, so I´m not taking it seriusly