How ironclad is the YOUR AGE/2+7<HERAGE rule?

About half a year ago I dated a 17 year old (11 year age difference), didn't last long (maybe a week or two), we didn't do anything really (kissing, clothed petting), anyway after that I sort of swore off young girls.
Now there's this 20 year old girl (I'm 29) that seems to like me a lot and she seems interesting. I guess tomorrow I'll ask her if it bothers her, would be nice to get some feedback though.


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  • It depends how mature she is for her age. If she is mature then a 20 year old would be okay - in my opinion - that is too young for a 29 year old.

  • It's just a thing to refer to. It doesn't mean you actually have to follow that rule.


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