Should I visit him? Please helpppp guys/girs?

I've been talking to this guy and we both want to see each other, at least I can't wait to meet him in person.. We have only FaceTime and talk on the phone of course, and he seems like such an amazing guy, ok he is only 21 and is a marine but from what I see and hear he is pretty mature for his age, and I'm 25. Age doesn't matter to me and he finds it attractive which I like.. anyways don't know when he will be able to come should I drive over there to see him? It will be 4 hours OR just be patient but it's killing me lol I really want to meet him BUT don't want to seem desperate since maybe I should have him put effort into seeing me... any advice guys/girls... or guys would you have less respect for a girl who wants to drive up and visit you? Would she seem desperate? helpppppp


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  • I'd love it. Nice change of pace. About time the gals did some of the hunting.

    • Your right, I just don't want to seem desperate lol but I am haha

  • Tell him that you are visiting some relatives up where he is at and ask if he wants to hang out. Go for it.

    • That's exactly what I wanted to do :) thank you.. I'll see when I can go

    • You're welcome. Hope things work out!

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