Boyfiend moves to other side of the country!?

so my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 7 months now. the story is a long one but to shorten it up a bit he has moved to Michigan (from Arizona) because of family alcohol issues. he is loving it there and doesn't seem to want to come back... I don't want to sound like a pity party but I am starting to feel lonely now... I love this guy to death and wouldn't even consider cheating but I just want to feel his arms around me and at least feel some physical love.. what should I do? please consider I am a full time student and worker


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  • Unless you're really sure that this guy is the one (and he gives you strong indications that he thinks the same of you) you should prepare yourself for breaking up. If he's not the type to cheat, he's still going to be introduced to new social circles and it's very tempting to break things off and experience new things.

    When I moved away from my girlfriend of two years it took about 6 months before I called it quits. It wasn't pleasant for either of us, but I had always known in the back of my head that she wasn't the one for me.

    Mah two cents

    • first off thanks for your two cents (:
      and he tells me every day when/if we get the chance to Skype that he is going to come home and marry me... but its that out of sight out of mind thing as to when he is coming home

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  • Well... better fly to Michigan then I guess. Or like, cut your losses and break up.

    If he's not willing to move and you want to be with him, then that's the solution.