I love my crush so much I don't even know what to do!?

According to him, we're "seeing" each other. I fall for him hard I don't think he even know! I love him so much whenever I think about him my heart races and my body is like on fire. How do I tell him how much I love him and I just want him real bad to be my boyfriend officially without freaking him out. I can tell that he does like me but he's afraid of commitment since he has horrible past relationships. What do I do now I can't help it?


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  • First off please for god's sake dont tell him that you love him, you will screw yourself by doing so.. anyhoo this guy sounds promising. Chat with him when you see him, and don't be afraid to flirt! Seek him out, but don't go to him every time you see him- if you push it too much you'll seem creepy. Drop subtle hints that you like him and see if there's any chemistry. Laugh at his jokes, even if they aren't funny, and just be yourself, like you said. If you keep this up and you're 100% sure he really likes you too, give him a chance to ask you out, but don't wait around forever, if he doesn't ask you out and you know he likes you, ask him yourself!


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  • Start by just asking him to be exclusive with you, it's an easy step that shouldn't scare him. Whatever you do don't say"I love you" it will put him on the spot and he will likely respond in kind incensearly, just give him time and take it slow.

    • We always ask each other often to make sure that we're only seeing each other, but we never bring up the term "exclusive". Right now we're only seeing each other, how do. inask him to be exclusive, or are we exclusive already?

      What should I say to make sure we're exclusive, like "Babe I want to be exclusive with you" or what? Sorry I really have no idea.

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    • If you ever introduce him to someone introduce him as your boyfriend

    • I never have a chance to introduce him to someone though. very rare!

  • he has horrible past relationships? Be careful, sound like a heartbreaker.

    • His ex girlfriends either cheated on him, was a bitch, or broke up with him because they liked another guy. That's why his past is horrible and he doesn't want his heart to be broken again. His solution? Never get into a relationship again :( and I want to change that wrong mindset :(

  • You have to ask yourself if he's worth your time waiting... I personally don't think so but, I don't know him so

    • I love him so he's worth my time. What am I suppose to do now?

    • I don't think he is

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