Why didn't this guy try to sleep with me?

We had a really good time and I decided to go back home with him.
We made out a lot but for the most part spent the entire night talking... he didn't even try to have sex with me so that is really weird to me.

What do you think?


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  • Well there was a time when people didn't just jump into bed after having a conversation. He's a respectful guy it isn't weird it's respectful. What's weird is the reaction a girl now has when a guy doesn't immediately want to jump he bones.

    • Haha. Good answer.

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    • He contacted me. I didn't really end up liking him as much as I thought so unfortunately it's over haha but thanks for your help.

    • You're welcome, Well best of luck on the next one as they say :) at least it didn't go further than a long nights conversation.

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  • Maybe shy, why didn't you take charge?

  • can i ask how old? are u over 21? this question sounds weird but its important to me lol

    • I'm 20 why?

    • where did you meet this guy? im just curious how people meet in these kinda scenarios when under 21

    • Through a friend.

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  • He was respecting you. Don't duplicate your questions though. I answered your other question that was exactly the same. I think it had some pretty good answers.