Who is the best match for a dominant woman?

So, my story is: guys get attracted to me by looks (I was told I look very gentle and romantic) and then they run away once they realize that I´m very strong willed and have certain masculine features (I was used to take care of myself from a very young age and I´m completely selfsufficient and see that this is a huge turn off for most of the guys).

What type of man is suitable to me?


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  • Obviously the submissive ones. There's plenty of guys that like a dominant partner. I think the guys who fall under this category are usually the ones who grow up being known as "momma's boys". Of course, there are also guys who aren't "momma's boys" that like a dominant partner. Just remember, the cliche "you'll always find someone who's a match for you" is a cliche for a reason (because its true).


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