Guys advice greatly needed!!! Should I ask him what's up (is everything okay) or just leave it be?

So I have been seeing this guy for a few months. We see each other on the weekends and things seemed to be going well.

He says that seeing me is the highlight of his week (he said that to me last week).

We are taking things slow and he waited 4 dates just to hold my hand. We kissed for the 1st time on our 5th date and now we are much more comfortable with each other. We still have not slept together yet though but I definitely want to.

However, he is kind of flakey sometimes. Most of the time he follows through and we end up seeing each other at some point during the weekend.

He's very busy during the day at home (renovations) and he has a full time job where he works 12 hour shifts.

But he has been flakey this weekend big time. I asked him on Thursday if he is free on the weekend and he said he should be. Then I asked him if he wanted to see each other, he said yes. So I said Saturday would work best if we could see each other then.

So Friday I ask him if Saturday is okay because I didn't hear a response from him. No response. Then I ask again on Saturday how things are going with renovations and if he is free later that night. That was around 3pm and I didn't hear from him until 8 pm that night. He said he was sorry and that he lost his phone. But didn't confirm if we would see each other.

So today I texted him and said hello. He again apologized and said he fell asleep. So I asked if he was free today, that was at 2 and still no response.

I'm totally okay if he is busy. But he could just let me know. I've got lots of stuff to do yet I still have time to text... I dunno.

Thanks in advance for your help!!



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  • Drop by him unnanounced. If he seems down, sit down with him and ask what's wrong. Don't ask IF something is wrong, but WHAT is wrong.
    to me it sounds like he could need your help.

    • I feel weird dropping buy unannounced at his place. Especially since he is doing some major renovations to his house. So a guy would not feel bad if I did that then? I would love to help him, but I don't want to impose my help on him! :P

    • Hm... send him a message asking if it's ok? But the main point is that he should not have time to form a fake look of "everything's ok"...

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