How long should I date before having sex? This can apply to a number of dates, a length of time, etc.

I am dating this girl who seems to want to wait on sex. How long should I wait before it is too long?


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  • You should just do it when the both of you are ready don't apply a number to it and don't rush her into anything.


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  • honestly I wouldn't put a time limit on it. as long as the both of you feel ready for it then go for it. but it'd probably be best to date for 2 - 3 months before having sex if you're looking for a long term relationship. with me and my girlfriend we were together 5 months before we had sex. but of course we had fooled around prior to having sex. (i.e. we would do oral on each other, she'd give me a handjob, and I would finger her, etc.). way I see it is, whenever you both feel ready just don't rush into it. :)