Guys: Your experience of being in a relationship with international students?

I'm currently in a relationship with an international student. I'm a White and I live in the US. During my high school years I went to a private high school so there ain't much international students there. Now I'm in a public college and there are international students everywhere. What is your experiences of being in a relationship with or dating an international student? Pros and cons? Thanks.


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  • Well, I'm a girl but I'll answer anyways. My fiance is Serbian and we've known each other for quite some time and been together for 3 years.

    - Learning about their culture and traditions. It's fun to learn about other cultures and it really opens your world.
    - Teaching them about yours.
    - Possibly getting to visit their country with them, if you stay together long enough.
    - Learning about what kind of life they had growing up and how it was similar or different from your own upbringing.

    - Possible clashes in regards to religion and overall morals or values.
    - That they may either have to go back or want to go back to their own country at some point. You pretty much have 3 options - break it off, LDR, or pick up your life and go with them (not always a good idea). This happened to me a couple of years ago when my fiance had to go back and sort out some things at home and also get a more permanent visa. We were apart for about 6 months.
    - Language barriers. That may not be a huge issue since they have been accepted to American schools (they have to take an English language proficiency test), but you never know.

    That's all I can think of for now. Overall, it's quite a fun adventure to date someone from another country.


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  • Pros---they are different from the regular people that were born here and their values are different.
    Cons--they are different from the regular people that were born here and their values are different.

    Lol, all in all it is interesting/educative. There will be a lot of value clashes.. so get ready for that.

    • She's really white washed I suppose. She isn't conservative or follow the wait until marriage bs.

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    • Thanks for the advice man.

    • thats what we are both here for bro...