Tall girls would you date a guy that is 5ft9?

I like tall girls and really wana kno


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  • yes if he had a easy going personality and he wasn't intimidated by me. i have a a guy i really like and he is slightly shorter and i asked him if he found me intimidating and he said no, but his actions speak louder than words. i personaly like guys who are taller because you dont have to deal with Napoleon complex issues, not because they are more attractive.

    • I dont have Napoleon conplex , tall girls make me feel super comfy /:

    • then you have nothing to worry about, she should unless she has unrealistic standards accept you for who you are if she feels the same way

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  • Really, another height question?

  • Sure I would IF he has a good personality that is. I'm 5'8/9. I've dated a guy a few inches shorter than me.


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