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Hello readers! I'm a 20 years old male, single and already working in my life career as an electrician. Now what i'm wondering is this : where am I suppose to meet new girls for a serious relationships? Meaning this, clubs and bars aren't places of choice. Tried dating sites but they feel so awkward that I dont like it. Of course, I've met some girls through my friends but never worked out very well.. So where am I suppose to find a suitable girl for me?


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  • Stop looking and let it come to you.

    • Really? I've been single my whole life excepted a few dates here and there, which ain't much. I'm tired of ''waiting'' or trying and failing. I feel like it the only thing i'm missing in my life.

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    • Well there's your problem right there.

    • I mean.. I say hi to people around even if I dont know them. I can't really see how I could start a conversation tough. And its pretty rare I see the same people on a regular basis , since there's way too many students.

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  • Sometimes in order to find a good mate you have to sort of bathe in your surroundings. If you wait and view your situation/life you may look around and see more than you did before. But, since you are reaching out and looking, there are many other ways to find a mate. I think the friends setting you up with girls can be a good idea because your friends should know what you like and should have good judgement. But if that isn't for you then keep going to bars and clubs. Most women there are just there to party and probably aren't looking for a long relationship, but if you get some numbers and you guys start hanging out and getting to know each other after the night at the club then you have a much better chance of working out. You just gotta show, first hand, that you aren't one of those guys who just want to get in their pants and have a one night stand. That'll give you a much better chance. Also, don't stumble up to them drunk or aggressive. Don't wanna come off as a brute. Just be you. Good luck. :)

    • Already tried by some friends. Twice. First time just didn't click, second time, is a long story, lets just say she friendzoned me for unknown reason. My surroundings.. well I've always been hanging out with the same group and we aren't people who go hang in clubs or bars. So thats that. And as I said, bars never felt like the right place for me to be or to be looking for a potential girl. Even tough you're right, i'm still unsure.. might try.

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