The many questions question. 1 A guy I rejected 3 years ago says yes to meet up for coffee with me? 2. Why am I not my usual stalker self with him?

This guy that I fell in love with three years ago is contacting me again. I had rejected his friendly offer for coffee because he was together with someone else I haven't seen him since. I've agreed on going out for coffee with him cause he is single now, but funnily enough with him, I don't feel impatient stalkish or insane like I usually feel about guys I'm into. I'm really into him but I don't feel a need to rush through things and actually take pleasure in seeing him show interest first. Why?


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  • Perhaps it's because you guys have some history, you already know each other, you've already been down a similar path (you liking him).
    So you're more chill this time around.
    I say enjoy it - let the chips fall where they may and be happy to not be "insane" :-)

    • Thanks for MH!

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