Scorpio men out there I need advice!?

I met this scoprio guy in late july. when we met we were automatically interested in eachother. The thing is its October now and were not even talking. See he acts like he's super into me telling me things like ( i'm your man, I wanna keep you around for at least six months to see if your still a good girl, i love you, this feels right.) but then soon as i get emotional he ignores me , pulls and away or he'll call me crazy when i get a little upset that he plays head games with me (like denying some of the things he's said to me that i just mentioned he said above). The thing is were not talking now because i broke it off with him because he started ignoring my calls and texts. Sounds reasonable right? wrong! I'm now in love with this man and all we seem to do is argue. I feel like i want him back but he shut me out for good. I guess my question is how can i get my scorpio back? I'm asking advice from you scorpio men out there and also i really don't wanna here that astrology has nothing to do with it because i believe it does. thank you

I'd appreciate if your gonna give me any advice please be respectful on here! as for people who dont understand why im being ignored by my ex is because i dumped him and he's mad at me... Duhhhhhh!!! now that i clarified this, how can i reverse this.
Also if you female id appreciate if you didn't state your opinions on here.


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  • Why would you want someone back that ignores you?

    • its complicated there's a lot more going on to the situation than you think but im keeping it brief and also said scorpio male advice... your a female

    • Obviously they're ignoring you too, but gone ahead, fight for someone who doesn't even care to write you back.