Guys, how do you feel about girls asking you out?

I'm a huge supporter of gender equality. Yay! Is it true, though, that some guys will really feel emasculated to the point that it would make them uncomfortable if a girl makes the first move and asks them out? What about if you're only acquaintances with her (colleagues, classmates, etc.), instead of friends?
Curiosity (: Thanks!

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  • First off let me point out that literally 99% of guys would LOVE to be asked out for once. Desperate? Only women spread that rumor to other women to keep all the men to themselves lol.

    Now I've gotten asked out by a girl... twice. Both times I accepted. Let's go into detail.

    First girl. We were friend for at least 2 years or so. Not best friends and not even friends that spoke very often, but when we saw each other we liked to talk. Freshman year of highschool she just sort held my hand one day. I was a little weirded out simply because I was at an awkward stage where I wasn't experienced at all and here I was being touched by a female. She asked me to hold her hand while walking in the hall way and I kind of just went with it. One day I was walking her home (as her house was on the way to mines anyways) and she asked me to be her boyfriend out of nowhere. I declined because I was afraid and not entirely attracted to her physically. A few days later she just kissed me and from then on I just thought "welp, we kissed might as well date". I'm more on personality anyways so I disregarded the physical aspect and went with it. Horrible decision but that's a different story that I'll save IF you want to hear it later.

    Skip 3 years ahead to Senior year. Beginning of the school year I go into a class where I had to independently study a class completely different from what was being taught there (again, different story). With that I never really got much time to talk with the other students as we were doing different stuff. I meet a girl, a sophomore. The first day I saw her I instantly knew I was interested in her adorably awkward and dorky personality. It took about a month for us to go from "randomly talking for 2 seconds in a group setting" to "talking one on one". Probably after 1.5 months of us slowly getting to know each other she just kind of went for it and asked me out.

    • I said yes because I saw huge potential for a long term relationship (the first lasting 6 months, ending with her cheating on me multiple times apparently) and I thought she was really cute (both in a d'awwww sense and I 'I find her attractive' sense). Currently gonna be a year in 2 days c: .

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  • We don't think that much, if you ask us for a date all we think about is YES YES YES.

  • I guess it would be alright for the girl but the boy should be the manly one

  • relieved that she just saved me days and days figuring out the best way to ask her out :)

  • I lovd it when girls ask me out takes the preasure off me

  • We wish you would ask us out. . . Rarely ever happens when a girl makes the first moves.


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