What is up with all the women have it easier questions? What's the point?

I have seen a lot of question asking if women have i easier when it comes to dating or getting into a relationship. If we agree then what is the point? If it is easier for us wouldn't more guys e in relationships too? Just because it may be easier for us to get a date does not mean we should utilize it? I'm sorry if your dating life suck as a guy but in my opinion guys have it easier in different ways they hold the key to commitment they are the ones that are likely to string someone along for sex but I can also blame women who don't pay attention to someone's actions rather then words, and being naive. It's nothing special that some women can get a man at the drop of a hat and have a boyfriend but that does not mean its easier for us to find someone that we actually like back and have compatibility with. It does not mean that we automatically attract guys that we want. In order for it to be easier for us there can't be many men out there that are challenging to be with in other words some of them are desperate to be in a relationship


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  • Yes women have it easier to get dates or even a one night stand. So what.

    The problem with the type of threads you mention is that the guy's creating them, can not and refuse to admit they are the problem. They read posts that woman want nice guys. Confident guys. Which is true.

    The problem is when some of these "nice guys" get rejected. They automatically think women are liars. Instead of thinking about what they said and or did and changing it up a little They will try the exact same thing with another girl and get shot down in flames again.

    These guys think that just because they are a "nice guy". Women should be lining up to date them. The guys then become so full of anger that they refuse to consider they might be the problem. It's too bad. Because no matter how many suggestions they get on how to change it up. It doesn't matter.

    They are so self absorbed that they become ignorant of how the real world is. It reminds me of a three year old throwing a tantrum in a store when he/she doesn't get a toy. It's a shame because they will have what they don't want. Loneliness. Especially when happiness is not out of reach with a few changes.

    • Well it takes more then being nice and confident of course and I was also telling someone else that even the advice that we do try to give them sometimes does not matter to them they just disagree with everything we say to try to help

    • Thank you for MH

    • You're welcome

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  • I agree Women hold the keys to sex but guys often hold the keys for commitment. Guys have to work harder to get a girl, but girls have to work harder to keep a man. So if your a girl that values commitment, then being able to get sex easily doesn't really benefit you that much. Guys are probably mad because they want sex and are jealous that you can get it more easily than they can.

    • Right, but I don't care about about being able to get sex easily like you said I value commitment so I guess that bothers a guy and it comes from bitterness but that definitely won't help him achieve anything whether it is that he is trying to get sex or trying to find a girlfriend.

  • I think some people just feel like complaining and getting things off their chest. Knowing you are not alone and other people are having the same problem can help. Most likely they don't have anyone to talk to about their problems so they come online looking comradery of sorts.

    • I understand but that is not healthy and not helping when people start agreeing and joining in on the attack that leaves no hope anyone. What they need to do is find out what their own problem is and try to work on it. Shitting on women is not going to help them get a date.

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    • It's not saying that we have it easier that is shitting on us if you look at the comments on some of these questions guys start being mean and women bashing. I'm not saying men need to change who they are but improve how they interact with women and approach us, build confidence as well because that is really important despite what men think. I notice a lot of guys on here don't believe that confidence is that important their self esteem is so low that whatever advice you try to give that don't believe it they assume that they need to be rich and have good looks. Everyone has different standards some of my friends have the lowest standards they don't care how a guy looks and he can be dead ass broke with a million kids so I know there is hope for these guys lol.

    • That is what I am saying. A guy doesn't need to become someone else, but he should work on becoming better versions of himself.

  • Women tend to be on the receiving end of sexual attention, requests for dates and relationships, while men are on the projecting end. It is easier for a woman to date more than men, because as long as she is willing to date among the men that approach her, she can date or have a relationship if she wants, and even though the overwhelming vast majority of men that approach her, hit on her or ask her out, are men she is not attracted to, a man that she wants will eventually come along.

    A man must pursue, do the initiating, and if he has any negative experiences that deter him, something wrong with his approach and he could have no clue at all what he is doing wrong, or if he is just very very shy or introverted, socially-awkward, he could end up an adult male virgin very easily. The irony is that the older he gets, the more women refuse to give him a chance because of his inexperience.

    The way i see it, is that for us guys, it's literally a matter of knowing how to get a date, a relationship, for girls it's not. Since guys have to do the approaching and asking out, initiating/escalating, being the one to make a date or relationship happen, that means for guys it's literally a matter of knowing how since that involves skill, since girls are allowed to be passive, it just happens out of thin air for them, being passive does not require any skill.

    • More women need to be comfortable asking guys out and approaching them. I sure have opened up to it lately and I think the feeling that I get may be similar to what guys feel all the time but if more women did it then it would not seem so awkward

    • I hate it when people argue that for every girl that has a boyfriend then that guy has a girlfriend, people use that as a way to argue to disagree on which gender has it easier, but the guy has to do the work in order to make it happen and for some of us guys we just don't know how

  • Guys on average, do not hold the keys to commitment. Women have the greatest benefit which is choosing aka choosing a guy to date choosing a guy to commit to. The only time when guys hold the keys to commitment is when he has all of the things that women want (looks money, and personality in some cases) And how can a woman complain about the guys they don't want approaching them when approaching was made the man's "job"? If women approached who they wanted to date instead of waiting for a guy to or expecting him to be a natural born mind reader , pick up on signals etc, things would be easier for them. Also I don't think that guys string along women for sex. Women know the pros and cons of guys they get involved with. There's very very few women on this earth looking for Mr. alright Most want Mr. perfect.

    • A guy does not have to have all the things that a woman wants to hold the keys to commitment I know plenty of women wanting to settle for a guy that does not have even half of the things they want. I guess it really depends on what your standards are. Most people don't know the pros and cons of who they get involved with until they get to know them otherwise there would be less broken hearts. Men love to think a woman knowingly dates a douche bag lol. Mr. Perfect does not exist and I don't agree that most women want that because that would mean that most women are delusional and that would be an insult.

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    • That's not true only superficial women care about looks or money if I'm telling you that I know guys that can pull women that don't have money then you don't get the point it's knowing how to talk a good game and having confidence. There are single men with good looks and money believe it or not

    • I also said looks not just money. You have to have one or the other. Honestly would you date a guy that "talked a good game" but you couldn't picture your self kissing him, dating him? No. There still has to be some sort of physical attraction there or its not going to work. if that was the case you wouldn't hear so many guys talking about how ugly they are and how they can't get a woman.

  • "If we agree then what is the point?"

    1) Guys are frustrated with being single, and venting.

    2) Most women wouldn't agree. Maybe you do, but most would still maintain that guys have an easier time dating.

    3) It's true. It is an undisputable fact that women have an easier time getting a boyfriend than men do getting a girlfriend. There is literally a treasure trove of evidence backing this up, from online dating sites to real life experiments, to mating rituals in other species, to genetic lineage markers in humans.

    4) "If it is easier for us wouldn't more guys e in relationships too?" No. You can see this from the huge number of threads and comments from women expressing regret at "being used" or "having been hurt in the past" by guys. Most of the sex that women have, and most of the dates they go on, do not end with long term, lasting, stable relationships. The reason for this is that men are happy to have many short term relationships simultaneously, or in succession.

    As a result, an "easier time" for women, does not necessitate an "easier time" for guys. In a pool of 20 people, 10 of them male and 10 female, all 10 females can potentially date/mate with 3 of the males, either simultaneously or in succession. As a result, 70% of the males get no sex or romantic life.

    That's the end of my 4 points that address your post. But I will add in some observations of my own:

    Females have always had the privilege of "reproductive security". This means that women have a very very high chance of passing on their genes, relative to men. We can see this indirectly in mtDNA markers (passed from the mother) around the world. Relative to Y DNA markers (passed from the father to sons), mtDNA markers show much more diversity. This means that among the various tribes and ethnicities that were characterized by singular markers, many of the women were able to reproduce, and only few of the men were, leading to a lower diversity in the Y DNA markers.

    • There's also a simple, fundamental difference between males and females: females put more energy into reproduction.

      A long time ago, things reproduced only asexually, either by dividing (binary fission) or by sending out offshoots which developed into new organisms (budding).

      These methods meant that the newly produced organisms were almost genetically identical to the parent organism. The only difference would be some rare, random mutations. So evolution happened at a slow rate.

      Eventually, organisms evolved a way to produce sex cells which combined with the sex cells of another organism, and then grew into a new individual organism. Sexual reproduction was born.

      At first, there was only one sex. All the organisms sent out their gametes, they combined with other organisms', and offspring were born.

      However, after some time, through evolution, and because evolution can happen more rapidly with sexual reproduction, something different happened.

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    • I know about science and shit but dude you lost me here. I am recovering from a hangover almost 24 hours ago

    • The fundamental point is this:

      1) Females have been selected to put more energy into reproduction.

      2) Energy is value.

      By the laws of evolution, then, the males who "desired" this energy supply (the female) more, would have had a reproductive advantage, and males in general would grow to have an inherent desire for the female body, voice, touch, mannerisms, etc. This inherent desire would be much stronger than the female desire for the male body.

      And looking at all the available evidence, this is exactly the truth.

  • I think that some guys may want to suggest that since women have it easier, they should initiate first?

    • That's another way to look at it and I agree because if I am interested I will make the first move but there still are a lot of women that would rather drop hints and wait but if he does not get the hint then it goes nowhere

  • *liked your status*

    • It's easier for a girl to go out and have sex with a relatively attractive guy, than it is the other way around because generally a guy will have to put in a certain amount of work to even get a date and if he's good enough one night stand. A girl could just ask or hit on a guy they way a guy would a girl and he would be all over that. That's why it's easier for gay guys to just go out and find a sex partner for the night. Because it's a guy getting picked up.
      Anyways, to find a committed relationship I'd say it's equal. They both have to like eachother and think the other is good enough for an exclusive relationship. That's another game entirely

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    • I only realized that Tinder was a hookup app after I made a match and decided to talk to this guy and clearly that's what he wanted but I see a lot of people on there with pictures of them and a girl one guy had his wedding pic on there lol

    • xD. Yea it's mostly hookups. But some people actually look for relationships and dating on there with some success

  • Its true they do, but I really don't care.

  • Yes women have it easy when it comes to dating doesn't mean i have shitty odds getting a date. -_-

    • I didn't say that but the guys asking these questions obviously do and blame women having it easier for their failed attempts

    • Those guys need to get over it

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  • only initially i would say we women have it easier but not easier in every aspect

    • That's right but when it comes to doing the work and looking for something serious both men and women struggle

  • I agree with the part that it is pointless. Why wallow in self pity?

    • That's what I'm saying nobody asking this stupid question has made their point about why this is important or how this affects a guy's dating life.

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    • But what are being blamed for? lol because I believe if a guy is having issues getting a girl there is probably something about himself that he needs to work on maybe talking to women it could be anything

    • Some guys want to blame girls for not having any luck with them because it's easier than admitting that there might be something wrong with them or how they present themselves.

  • I agree it's easier for me to get dates because I'm attractive but that does not mean I have every aspect of dating easier
    Men and women have good qualities that other men & women do not have but that does not make one person better than the other
    And if we all did not have dating or relationship issues with the opposite gender then we would not be on this website