Girls: what should I do? im getting confused with these mixed signals?

I have two friends that are girls, and I want to ask one to prom later this year. (lets call her Hannah) she has showed interest in the past. but lately, i have gotten nothing. I made attempts to text her, and she didn't respond either time. tbh, I am starting to think she really doesn't like me, despite being really cute, nice, flirty, and sweet to me in person. honestly, how much effort does it take to give a reply and not leave me hanging? now on to my other friend. (lets call her Emily) Emily, who has been friends with me for a long time, she recently broke up with my best friend (she friend zoned him). she is always nice, and almost always replies instantly. She isn't always as flirty as anna, but is equally sweet and cute. I dont know what to do in my situation. Who should i build my situation with? Anna or Emily? My heart says Emily, but my head says Anna. My fear is that my best friend will ask Emily to go to prom with him as friends, and I dont want to step on toes...

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  • I would steer clear of Emily because of your friend's feelings. It would definitely cause a rift between you. Emily is probably texting straight back due to the fact that you are friends with her ex. Even though she friendzoned him, she will still care about him.

    As for Hannah/Anna, I would give her a miss too as she is not making the effort to maintain your friendship.

    Are there any other options available? If no, then ask Hannah/Anna sooner rather than later so that you can have a crack at another girl.

    • I apologize for my bad typing, but my friends always give me shit for liking Emily, and say I've had a crush on her for years. I only want to go to prom with her as a friend, so I dont risk destroying our friendship. I want a nice girl like emily to slow dance with me, so I dont sit by myself when the slow songs come on.

      As I see it now, there are no other options for me. I know thats pretty sad

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  • It's still early in the year. I'd play both out a little more and see what happens. It's also important that if you do decide that you like Emily better that you confirm that it's cool with your bro before you do anything with her.

  • Emily sounds like the better choice.

    • I think so too, but i think my friend wants to ask her to prom. also, he had a really tough time getting over her when they broke up.

    • If he's a close friend then I'd talk to him about it first... that's a really touchy area... the whole dating the friends ex thing...

    • believe me, i know. i third wheeled a lot in that relationship :( she's my neighbor so he used to come over as an excuse to see her :/

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