How can I make a long distant relationship work?

Me and him are both in high school (15 and 17) and we meet 4 weeks ago at a party. It was like live at first sight. After almost a month not seeing each other we still have the same feelings the first night we met ave trust each other completely. We went to different schools already (same county) but talked everyday through text or Skype so it was already sort of long distances. But I'm moving an hour away next week and it's going to be even harder. So I just want to know how I can maintain it.


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  • Sounds dumb to put this much effort into a doomed to fail relationship

    • -_- How is it doomed to fail?

    • You're 15 he's 17 you barely know each other and why such a strong commitment for only knowing each other for 4 weeks. Long distance is hard for a couple dating for a year and those are much more matured relationships then this. Not to mention girls your age are easily manipulated by older guys so he might not even be as committed as you are.

  • I dont know personality of you and him. In most of cases long distant won't work, I will example myself I was in same position but older than you. When I accepted in medical school I told her I need to get my degree before marriage and she accept it, we get in touch frequency but one day she stopped and told me its never workout. I shocked and depressed because I had plan after university. My family told me she married to business man and she left me.

    Thats history now, I have this feeling that you never change your love with anything am I right or its just hormones act? I want to know how your feeling are mutual? How do you guys feel about responsibility? are you guys committed?

    Act like mature person in front of your families and tell them what do you guys want in future, This way you will earn your place.


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