He has had like a million gf and he is going to be my first one?

Okay, so this guy that i'm pretty sure he likes me (he told my sister) has been all sweet last week, but the last time we talked on fb he was all like we should go out, but then i was like "if my parents let me" and he was like "yolo" and i was like "hmm sorry but no" and then he was like "alright lets just move on from this conversation" and I just let him on seen.
The thing is im pretty nervous about the whole dating thing, and he seems like so experienced and im just not, and i dont know what to do
Should i apologize to him for not anwering, or just let it go,

Btw: we both are 17 years old

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  • Unless you want to be girl number 1,000,001 and counting I'd suggest not dating him at all and keeping him as a friend. If he's had that many girlfriends a-... wait what am I saying. He asked you out over FACEBOOK! That shows a lack of confidence and interest in general. He's not someone you'd probably enjoy dating. Experience with dating? More like experience breaking hearts... most likely over Facebook too lol. But seriously if I were you I'd just not date him at all, not worth the trouble down the road.

    Hope I helped you. Feel free to ask me questions or message me ^_^

    • well more like 3 or 4 ( i tend to exaggerate), and he is in school with me and we have been hanging out during school, and left me a note with a chocolate on my desk (i know, not that original), and he told a friend of mine that he would ask me to his gf this week, and i was like not cuz them i will pull a vanishing act... but i still dont know if i should date him.. (as just might notice i am extremely confuse)

    • Well get to know him better, learn about his ambitions, what he likes to do, why he likes you. No need to rush.

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  • so what if he has been with many/


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  • Have you actually gotten to know him as just a friend? He asked you out over Facebook why couldn't he do it in person, like step up to the plate? If you want to date him its your choice but I'd get to know him first if I were you that's what I messed up on in my first relationship. Don't rush into a relationship if you aren't ready for one take it slow and get to know the boy if you haven't, it save your heart from being broken.