We had a great time but he seems to lose interest after our first date. Why?

Well it was kind of a blind date. Before the date we were texting quite a lot until one day I felt like he was texting way too much I stopped replying. And when we actually met he was a really nice guy and we had a good time but he did not text me after the date so I texted him the morning after. He seems to text less and basically just lost interest.

I wonder if he is really losing interest and what have I done wrong? What can I do because I think I like him?


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  • Call him and ask him. But your prob beating a dead penis. If he was into you, he be all over you.


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  • He met someone else or there was something about you that put him off. I would move on. It is impossible to tell what put him off, and it really does not matter. There are a million things it could be, so screw it.


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