Okay that just pisses me off?

So my bf is sitting on the recliner in our room, I'm on the bed, he is on his phone. He smiles, looks at me, and says I need to have sex with you right now. I get up to lock the door (teenagers in the home) and glance over and he is watching some naked chick playing with herself on his phone. WTF? How you gonna be looking at some other naked women, and in the same breath tell me you want to have sex with me? Fuck that have fun jacking off.


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  • Embrace it. He is comfortable enough around you not to hide stuff like this.

    If you really do not like it, then the advice I'd give is to discuss it with him. I think it is positive that he isn't hiding this from you though.

    One of the stark realities of the male mind is, even when a man is very much in love with his partner, he will still fantasise of other women. Whether this is done through imagination or watching pornography, it happens. I do it. My wife does it. We just poke fun at each other and end up play fighting.

    Everyone has different values of course, but it isn't a very uncommon thing in this day and age.

  • OK, you got spunk. Men like visuals. If your jello, make a vid of you so he can watch you and not a stranger. I understand how you feel, but that is how the male rolls.


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