I told my crush how I feel?

I told mycrush (which is my friend) dat i like him nd basically not tell anybody.. his words were (lol okay) i think i messed up. He didn't elaborate on it or nothing


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  • Act like nothing happen and continue being casual. Don't be offended if he doesn't like you back. Think of it like this: if you were in a relationship, it could end some day and you would drift apart. However, friends can last a lifetime.


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  • You didn't mess up, you did good. Never any shame in searching fore truth. Sounds like he is not into you. but give it time. It may be a shocker. Ask him again in a week or so if he wants to be bf/gf if that is what you would like. If nothing comes of it, move on... your beating a dead penis.


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  • Many times, even helping someone like yourself in the same scenario situation, they go ahead and tell 'Mycrush' that they like him/her and just Then----Silence is not so golden with nothing more in store.
    I find you a brave heart for taking the initiative. However, if he wasn't in tune with your own vibes, it may have caused an awkward moment in time now. He may just like you for his Friend.
    Don't say anything more. Be nonchalant. If he sees it is Bothering you in any way, shape or form, he may pick up on it and Continue to be a clam shell, no tell More.
    Let sleeping dogs lie and just go about being a friend, even if it is till the end. You may feel like you're in the doghouse right now for barking up the wrong tree. But it's food for thought for him now that he knows and it is his call, his choice and your Deciding decision if he is Now----A true friend or just a fair weather friend, should he just make everything less "Elaborate" as far as having things the way they used to be.
    Good luck. xx