Is he just not that into me or is it too early?

I've been dating a guy for almost two weeks now. The first week he texted me all the time, every day. Now, I seem to initiate all of our texts. He's always super friendly when we talk. I don't know. We haven't been dating long... so I'm not sure if I'm just freaking out unnecessarily or if I'm starting to see him lose interest.


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  • How long were you talking before "dating for two weeks"? Sounds like honeymoon stage anxiety to me :) it's still new... I wouldn't worry too much... remember absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

    • I didn't know him before then lol. I think that it was kind of the honeymoon stage thing... that only lasted a week haha

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  • Give it some more time. If you require a lot of attention keep an eye out for someone more worshipful.

    • I think I'm more just looking for reassurance that it isn't totally over. It just went from constant talking to... I initiate most conversations... so it just didn't look good I guess.

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