My current guys ex won't leave him alone and I'm struggling with it what do I do?

So I have been to my recent guy since December. Him and his now ex also reconnected at that time and he ended up with her. Anyways in August she broke up with him. However she kept seeing him because she said she was lonely. Later he found out she was sleeping with his friend after seeing him. Anyways he confronted her and told her off since then she's been trying to call him and texting him constantly. He says he ignores her. Well he still hasn't changed his profile or relationship status but he doesn't go on much but it still bugs me. He says he's all into me but I've tried to tell him how I feel but Idont want to push him away. I feel like I'm sharing him or just his back up but he claims that's not it at all what do I do?

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Ok so I had previously talked to him. We stopped talking because his now ex wanted a relationship and they had been talking longer. She dumped him in August to figure out her life. So me and him started talking again after we saw each other at a foot
Look at the first comment for a clearer discription


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  • You're are not making this clear what's going on it's very mixed matched the way you're telling us.

    • Ok so I had previously talked to him we stopped talking because his ex wanted a relationship and they had been talking longer. She dumped him in August to figure out her life. We started talking again after we saw eachother at a football game. Later she called him saying she was depressed and lonely. He let her come to his place so she would have a friend. Later his friend told him she had been sleeping with him after seeing my guy and before breaking up. He told her off but she won't leave him alone he says he's ignoring her but why won't he just tell her to go. I feel like im sharing him or that im just an option to make her jelaous.. He says that that is not true. But on FB his prof pic is still of them and says he is in a relationship. I feel really uncomfortable with it but I don't wanna push it too much I don't know what to do...

    • You're better off with out hin. Show him the door

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  • Tell him like it is and how you see things if he really cares about you he'll do something to change the way you feel at least that's what I'd do if were him


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  • if he's making you feel like a backup then get out of there.

    seriously no man has the right to treat me like a door step or lady #2.

    if he doesn't have the balls to say it to my face he's not into me.

    there are very few 'good guys' out there, but there's going to be he one who treats you like his only one.

    ask yourself is this ok that he treats you as a door mat?

  • It sounds like you are a bit of a rebound. Leave him. Find someone else who doesn't have ex issues because if they do then something isn't resolved and it has nothing to do with you.

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