What's Standing in His Way - Religion or Feelings?

I've liked this guy for awhile, and I just recently learned that he liked me back. We live in the South where many families are extremely religious, including his. My family, being from a non-religious section of New York, doesn't attend a specific church or label ourselves as anything other than Christian. Anyways, for the past month or so, we've been hanging out a lot. He compliments me often, would tell people that he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend, etc. Then one day, he decided that we should only be friends. He mentioned his religion in his explanation, being that he isn't old enough to date due to a family rule, and that although he'd had other relationships, it had never worked out. I can't help but feel that he just doesn't want to be with me as much as he did with his previous girlfriends. Even though he told me that we won't be able to be together for another two years at least, whenever we're around each other, he still acts just as flirty as before.
Should I continue to show my feelings for him or move on? And why did he really stop our fling?

We are now in a relationship as of a few days ago!


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  • No one is a mind reader here... ask him. Move on. Keep him as a friend if you want to. He should be all over you unless he is queer.


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  • He had girlfriends before, so he can't really say his family restricts him from something.
    These are just excuses. He does not want relationship. And you can't change it. You can only accept it.
    It's called "relationship without a label". Are you fine with it? Maybe it's not the right time for him to have one. Millions of reasons. But he does not want it. Do not require anything more from him.
    He can act flirty, he can kiss you, he can have sex with you. But he still won't like to have relationship with you. You can feel undervalued now, I can understand. But he likes you. And wants the benefits of a girlfriend without actually having a girlfriend. Why? Imagine 2 people living together for many years. The woman wants to get married, but the man doesn't. Because he is satisfied with his current status. He can get everything at any time, but is not obligated to do anything. He can leave at any time.
    Either you can deal with his attitude, or you just move on. I'm feeling very sorry for you.
    Nothing will make him start the relationship unless he starts missing something in your current status.

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