This is what dating is like for guys?

Men get screwed when it comes to dating. Straight b. s.


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  • Not really. Ever since feminism started spreading the idea that women are no less than men, men have also made the conclusion that women are to make the move too.
    That combined with the increasing need for instant gratification have resulted in a situation where the girl can't wait in a corner until a guy comes arround. The girl have to actually actively put herself "on the market" so to speak unless she want to be single for a looong time. Furthermore the feminist aceeptance of their own sexuality, followed by the desire for instant gratification and sexual liberty have resulted in guys to a larger extent have given up dating in advantage of simply hooking up. With more guys doing that, it also makes it harder for women who want to find a guy for life.
    Also it has also caused guys to see women as more than just a cute body to do the chores at home, so the borders between men and women are slowly being washed away in the dating game.
    Problem is that some insist on clinging to old and dying ideals because they want the best from the new era and te best from the old era. That will die in time, it's inevitable, and we will get closer and closer to a state where men and women are equal (on both good and bad).

    So yes, and no. It's not that simple for girls. It's more like a lie girls are telling themselves to keep believing in the gentelman (which no longer exist), and a lie guys tell to rationalize their single status.


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  • So not true.

    As a girl, I've asked guys out more than once.
    I tend to pay for my own stuff, unless he insists, which is rather rare.
    Men and women care equally for the other ones college plans in my opinion. If you go to college you expect your S. O. to go to college, regardless of gender.
    Everybody needs friend, and it has NOTHING to do with dating.
    If you're boring, you're fucked. Doesn't matter if guy or girl.
    Which meaning of obscure are we talking?
    Some guys are into shy and quiet girls, some girls are into shy and quiet guys. Pretty equal IMO.

    So yeah stop acting like life is fucking with one gender only. It's fucking with everyone equally just in different ways.

  • Dating is difficult for guys but child birth is difficult for girls. It evens out in the end.

    • Child birth is nothing compared to that. It's basically painless now and unless you have 10 kids, you won't be pregnant that long. The average family has like 2 kids.

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    • YES!!! Because it is painful.

    • Wow, you're out of your mind. And you're not that young either. Sad. You should know better.

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  • Women find personalities attractive. Because men in the Pleistocene age wanted to spread their seed as much as possible, and to do so they needed to find fertile women. But unlike most other mammals, human females do not display signs of fertility, so the best we had were things like big breasts, a nice waist to hip ratio, large ass, symetrical facial features, and the such.

    Women didn't have it so easy. Because women had to spend tremendous amounts of energy taking care of their young, they needed a male they could trust to help fend and protect them. So they had to look for signs of strength and loyalty.

    We have not changed much today. Women still like a strong man, but what that means is probably not what you think. You need to be confident in who you are, enough to stand up for yourself, be unforgivably you! I can't get more specific than that, because we are all different, and different men have different attributes, and different women find different attributes attractive. So actually, us guys are lucky! Because these are traits we can acquire. Trust me bud, I used to be all down in the dumps too. Women, for the most part, like me. I get dates. Now I even sometimes have sex! It's pretty great.

    So being yourself won't win you every girl, but it will win you the RIGHT girl. And isn't that what we're all looking for anyway?

    Good luck.

  • Shut the fuck up dude. I expect a women to have all of those and you should to. Basically what your saying is that women have standards and men don't

  • I didn't experience it. for me it's pretty equal, when the girl is boring she is not interesting to me. when she has no money our dates will be cheap ones or with no money usage.
    friends thingy, if she does care I get one who doesn't.
    for interests, same interests helps a lot.

  • Isn't gender equality great?

    Oh, wait...

  • damn straight