WTF? Are you serious? Not in a good mood:/?

So me and this girl were dating for 2 months. Not long but I naturally started falling for her. We got along great, she always came over and spent the night with me. We would go out ect. She even invited me to go with her family to a football game a few hours south of where we live. Keep in mind every time we were together it was great. Holding hands, kissing and being a cute couple (sounds lame I know haha) then out of the blue 2 days after the game she texts me saying that me and her are not a good match.
My reply was sorry to hear that and good luck. I have not spoken to her since. Do I have the right to be pissed? I treated her with respect, was good to her and showed her how a man should treat a girl he cares for.
I tell myself she must have met another guy becouse thats the only thing that makes any since.
I have a feeling she will regret it. I was great to her. Anyways I'd like to hear what others think. What do you think happened and do you think she will regret it.
Side note I'm 22 and she's 21. I know she had a bad past with relationships. Then I showed up out of the blue and she always said I treat her very different then past BFs.
Thanks for the input


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  • There could be many reasons but i think 1) since she's had bad relationships and you're a good guy so she doesn't wanna burden you with her emotional distress she's acquired FROM those bad relationships. OR 2) Those bad relationships gave her trust issues and she doesn't wanna burden you with them. OR 3) She felt you were falling way faster than she was and she didn't wanna run the risk of hurting you since she didn't feel as strongly for you. OR 4) The idea of you was nice and it was nice having you there at the time but you weren't legitimately the right guy for her.

    And you have the right to feel how ever you feel because they're "feelings" We can't make a conscious decision to feel a specific emotion. And I can sympathize with your frustrations. :)

    • She's moving far away in about 8 months. She would mention it from time to time. I'm just assuming she would not think that far ahead. I wasn't

    • I guess she didn't wanna set herself up for the disappointment of not being able to have you after she moved, so she cut it off early on.

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  • @showed her how a man should treat a girl he cares for.

    thats how you feel. you dont get to decide whats right for her.
    if she decided its not a good match there's nothing to be angry as bout. its not duplicitous.

    do you want her to lie to you, string you along and dml you years from now?

    it just didn't work. really great people are not necessarily great for each other.

    out happens.

    no one owes you themselves. they just owe you as chance. she gave that to you. she tried.

    • Yeah I guess. Oh well. She missed out.

    • Absolutely ! :)

      i think most people who bother to come somewhere to discuss a relationship problem are more deserving than the other person. it just shows good character that you cared enough to make this effort.

      you'll have better lick eventually:)

  • Although you guys got along great and there were no issues she may just not have been feeling it. It's so hard to end a relationship like that because you don't have any reason but the fact that it doesn't quite feel right. That's no reflection on you and that doesn't make her a bad person. A bad person would carry on with the relationship knowing that it would end eventually but just keeping you hanging on to make themselves feel better and not alone. She might regret it but don't dwell on that. Take it for what it was: a really nice, but short, fling.

    • Your right it she made me happy for a little but. I'm sure I made her happy as well. We will never speak again but if I ran into her one day I'd be nice to her. She's moving away within the year so I hope she finds whatever it is she's looking for.

    • That's a good attitude to have, if the relationship didn't end badly then why sour a lovely experience and potentially close doors if you don't have to. You never know, it may just not have been the right time and years don't he line you may cross paths again and find things work much better.

  • Sounds to me she wasn't ready. She might have been falling for you too quick that she got her scared since past relationships didn't work out. Yes you have the right to be mad.

    • Her friend told me the same thing. That I showed up to soon and that she still needs to work on herself before she can ever consider me.
      Just sucks that we will never speak or hangout again. I enjoyed her company

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    • Not that type of guy. I value myself a little to much. Its sounds nice but that does not look good. If she were to start dating someone else it would put me in a bad situation. And it's just unattractive for a man to stay friends with a women who dumped him. Kind of shows the guy has low value for himself dont you think?

    • Not to be rude but it sounds you have too much pride. If you really want her you will be selfless and not care about that.

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  • I would feel the same. But when you think about the reality of it, she was most likely testing the waters and dating you to see how the future would be if you got into a relationship. She didn't feel that it would last as long as she would want, so she called it off before either of you wasted any more time

    • if she wanted to be with him, why would she assume it wouldn't last...

    • She's moving across the country in about 8 months. I did not add that little detail becouse I assume it shouldn't matter. She did mention it a lot tho

  • You have a right to be disappointed, but not "pissed". Women are fickle, some more so than others. Dating is essentially a process by which we audition potential mates. In her case, potential husbands. For whatever reason, she decided that you were not it.
    Take a deep breath, realise that this is all part of the process and move on.

    • dating jus a process for everyone. its got nothing to do with being fickle. people they and sometimes it works sometimes not. its got nothing to do with gender. thats just ho9w relationships go. you try then move on if it doesn't work.

    • I would not say all women are fickle. It was just a surprise to me that it did not work. Its was going extremely well. Her ending just cought me off guard is all. Even our friends couldn't believe it.