Single people unite!?

Are you single? By choice or just haven't had any luck? Do you consider it to be a good thing or a bad thing?


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  • I'm single, although I don't know if I come under 'by choice' or 'no luck'. Its a strange case. I have a morbid fear of rejection, so I have never asked a girl out in my life. I was involved in a few relationships, but in each case the girls made the first move themselves.

    • Hmm I see you're right it's neither... Have you ever tried to fight your fear of rejection?

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    • That means I still look bad, but not as much as I think, right? Hehe!

      Sorry, just kidding. Anyway, I have been successful in other ways. I'm a University graduate, have a decent job, and a car too. I have some lofty career plans as well. So I'm just focusing on those, and left the other aspects (such as finding a woman) to time. If it happens, well and good. If not, still its fine and I won't whine and complain about it.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your kind words. I'll see what i can do about this. :)

    • Thanks for choosing mine as most helpful opinion! :)

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  • Haven't had any luck, its okay, I'm a patient person!


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  • I considered to be a good thing cuz.. I'm not distracted by anything now !!! Horayyyy single !!!

    • That's the attitude :D

  • I'm feeling so left out of the single club right now...