How hot does a guy really have to be to find success on dating sites/apps like Tinder?

Do women just have really high standards when they use these types of apps and sites? I have tried it for a while, frequently try using different pictures and I never get matches or interest my way. Do you only pick the best of the best or do you just get flooded with too much to handle? I'm curious


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  • Some apps you get flooded with too many to even know where to start. Others it's just because the guys message was too generic or something.


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  • Almost model material or just have really good photos of yourself. Girls are shallow af!


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  • Not.. all you have to do is take one good picture and put a filter on it, same goes for girls :)

    • I don't think my pictures are bad. Not sure what's wrong for me. My friends get a lot of matches. It's weird.

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    • Thanks. I don't think I'm particularly gross but maybe girls in my area still think they could do better... I dunno. I would think I would have had a match by now at least!

    • Hm maybe your standards are to high, if you only want to find out what matches you get you can also press 'yes' on everything and delete your profile after.