Is She Rejecting Me Or Am I Over-Analyzing? HELP GIRLS!!!?

So I've been texting this girl for over a month since I've been overseas. Seven weeks exactly. I already asked her out during my absence, but asked again over text when I got back. Thing is, I didn't give a specific day and time, but just asked her if we should meet for coffee sometime next week. Her exact response was:

"Hi <3 (RED heart emoticon) I'm very busy this week, but I should be able to find time! Let's see, ok? (Kiss-face emoticon)"

She NEVER sent me a red heart before, so I was surprised. Maybe I'm over-analyzing because I had hoped she'd just say "Yes, let's meet up! When are you thinking?" so I am a bit confused. Is she rejecting me or am I just over-analyzing?


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  • just ask her again later.. text her and just say "how bout that coffee? (give a time and day)" then see what she says..

  • you over-analyzing if she said that she has a lot going on at this time then text her latter and see about trying to set a date to go out


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