Friends with benefits? getting the wrong idea here?

Ok, so, I've been recently broken up with. and i was very nervous for a couple of months, after being with someone
for 9 years, and only being 25 i feel like socially i suck. but i met up with this guy from high school and im
starting to get attatched, it sucks. he recently broke up with his girlfriend of five years. he texts me every day
and acts all into me, even tells me he loves me but says he doesn't want a girlfriend. which is understandable.
but it sucks bc i am a drunk and every time that i end up hanging out with him i keep trying to talk him into
being my boyfriend~ and i dont remember the next day, i dont want a relationship either!, so i end up apologizing a lot, its a weird situation,
is he just messing with me or should i continue hanging out with him in hopes that one day he wants to be with me?
i feel like i might fall hard if i dont back out. haventt been single since i was 16, i forget how to act.. he's kind of a player too, and acts a little secretive about his other hookups, which seems to be something you would hide from someone that you actually are into? advice please


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  • It sounds like he does like you, but he's made it clear that he doesn't want to be with you because he doesn't want to be in a relationship.
    I think holding out and waiting is worth it... for a while.
    But not forever.
    You have to weigh the pros and cons at this point.
    Is he worth waiting a little longer for?
    Are you enjoying your time with him, or is it just more awkward and painful than anything else?
    These are things you need to decide.

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