Should I call? I don't know what to do?

So I meet someone about a month ago. I really don't know if we are " talking" or are we just " hanging out"

We "hung out " a total of maybe 4 times.

the first time was lunch and coffee.
the second time was lunch, a scenic walk, dessert and and a tea place

the third time was dinner ( he brought his best friend along)
then dessert
later on that evening his friend ask me - do I see anything progressing with "R"

The last time we hung out was at a sake festival, dinner and dessert ( his two cousins and their fiance was there)
turns out I know his cousin's fiance..
later on that night his cousin fiance asked me how long i've been " talking " to "R"

I think my question is what should I do? I mean I like this guy but, i'm not sure how he feels - I don't know what kind of " talk" I should ask.
And we text a lot but if he doesn't text should I make the move and text him? ... advice? help?


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  • Don't hold back. Text him when you want to talk to him. If he always replies, that's a good sign. If he's busy, give him 1-3 days before thinking badly (I get pretty busy myself and too stressed to talk).


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  • Just talk to him and ask where he sees this thing going, what do you have to loose?

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