Has She fallen out of love?

we are both in our late 40's... seeing each other for 7 months now. It is obvious to me that she has fallen out of love with me. She will not say I love you unless we are face to face and I say it first. She does not initiate any texts like she used to. When I talk about a future like living together she just brushes it off. WSe will not kiss me any more than just a little peck. We have not made love in 2 weeks, we were almost everyday.

Now, she is being kicked out of her home and having to move in with crappy ex sister in law. her ex husband totally controls her because of the money thing. She spent the weekend basically crying non stop. But we ended the weekend with her asking me to leave her home and now she is giving me the silent treatment. She says right now she cannot handle a relationship.

So, has she fallen out of love? or is this all a reaction to the extreme stress she is under? What would you do?


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  • Personally for the time being I would let her have her own space to try and sort things out.

    This she definitely needs to do to enable her to have a clear head once again, before deciding on her future.

    Just make sure though that she knows you are there for her, for whatever reasons she may have.


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  • I think it's not about you , so much going on in her life. Just give her little space. Tell her, you will be there if she needs.

  • No, I think she's stressed.


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